The Chum Salmon fishery has been recluse these past few years.

With Raleigh Werking via Westcoast Fishing Adventures, holding countless line and class records for these Majestic creatures.

This year they have returned in great numbers and in history size.

If you haven’t caught these beasts on a fly line, then it is a fishery that is a must try! The weather is at its finest, as well as all five salmon species are gathering and commuting all in the same place at the same time!

Recently we had a guest from Japan who, with little English told us that the Chum are not fished for. “No Good” as he stated, but when He caught a few of the mighty and powerful  ‘scrappers’ his tune changed to “ Chum Good Fight” He also fished with many different reels, lines and rods created for all different types of fish and fishery.  Here are a couple pictures of his trip:

Mr Yamada used a variety of rods and reels, but this particular rod is of complete surprise and is very interesting to me, it is 30 foot pole with a line tied to the end of it (with NO reel),  at first I was dumbfounded by its presence, but to watch him fight fish with it, was exhilarating and  invigorating.  I am very eager to see what gear he brings with him for his trip this spring.  I brought him into our Remote Steelhead Wilderness Camp this past April, and Mr Yamada was in Bliss with the fresh, bright chromer Steelhead that is surrounded by amazingly beautiful scenery and the Steelies are plentiful. 

I’m looking forward to another Spring Season, meeting new clients/friends and hosting our returning guests.

I just wanted to thank all our long time guests for helping our business be successful! This will be our 16th year, and every year gets better and better!

Fishing is our Addiction! Guiding is our Passion! Adventure is in our Blood!

Tight Lines!

From the team at Westcoast Fishing Adventures


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