Getting ready for and another great day of fishing.

18 ft Clack Max & H2 Hummer provide your transportation to and from the river.

Recommended rods & Reels tackle.

Single hand rod should be 8wt or 9wt length 9 1/2ft or 10ft.
Double hand rod should be 7wt, 8wt, or 9wt and 12 1/2ft to 13 1/2ft switch or traditional : We can provide you with double and single handed fly rods if you wish to travel light.
:Sage, Orvis, 8/9 weight 13’6 spey rods will be provided with a quality Made in the USA Spey Co reel spooled with the appropriate Next Cast 45 foot head spey lines to deliver your fly to the Salmon Or Steelhead.
:Fly size and colour : Pink,Purple,Black intruders we will also provide our own hand tied fly’s on the water. Hook size #2 for Steelhead or 1/0 for salmon. Dry fly’s are also a must have for Steelhead & Silver/Coho salmon
:Leaders: These will be provided & tied by your guide on the water or the night before we do recommend you to carry 1 spool of Maxima 10lb – 12lb – 15lb – 25lb.
:Poly leaders or sink tips up to 10 foot in length Medium to fast sink rate T 8 to T 11 or type 6, type 8, – as well as a Dry line.
:Please do not hesitate to ask any other question regarding tackle or rod selections.

: Salmon season / Bait caster & Spinning Reels with Lamiglas rods will be provided for Chinook salmon,Coho,Chum,sockeye,pink salmon & Steelhead all of these species can be Taken on the fly however we do not discriminate other legal angling practices so long as you are enjoying your experience while respecting our incredible fishery.

Guides 25 foot Duckworth Jet Boat

Guides 25 foot Duckworth Jet Boat

We take pride in our equipment to get you to the river & home safe again, we use Clackacraft Drift Boats / Rafts / 25 foot Duckworth Jet boats / 4 wheel Quads. H2 & H3 Hummers. This is what your hard earned money pays for, match that up with local guides that know and have grown up in Skeena country you are going to have a guided trip of a life time.

Steelhead Adventure camp.

Beats walking !

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