Chinook salmon fishing on the Skeena river through June, July, August is second to none the Kenai river in Alaska has all but dried up the last few years and the crowding is to much for most people to call a wilderness experience. Look to the Skeena the second largest river in BC to the mighty Fraser river the Skeena boasts Mountain scenery along its remote banks this 600KM river it is not hard to spread out giving our guests the ultimate experience.

Giant Skeena river Chinook salmon Guided by angling guide Gordon Mckean

Hello all We have been very busy with guiding this last week now I have a day off and guess what I am doing ? Going  Fishing from Lakes to rivers Terrace BC has more water to offer than any other place on the planet. Fresh Steelhead, Sockeye, Chinook Salmon, are running hard now and the water is in great shape, we still have a few open spots in August if you or anyone you know would like to book a last minute trip give us a shout.


Skeena river Hog Guest of Westcoast Fishing Adventures helped by pro guide Gordon Mckean

The Skeena is producing some great fish there are good numbers moving through this day we hooked so many we lost count. I had a great time with the Jaffers family we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Tight Lines /Gill McKean


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  1. Gill,
    I spent 8 days in Terrace this summer fishing from shore. Caught many Salmon.
    Would like to take the next step and get a jet boat. Was wondering if you could answer a few questions .(Please)
    I saw your boat in the background. I assume it is a jet boat? What type, and what size is your motor. How big would the boat have to be, and what size of motor would be needed to push up the river? (Say to handle 4 fishermen.)
    This info. would help me out.
    If I don’t pick one up, maybe we could use you next summer to take us out .


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