Westcoast Fishing Adventures So Far…..

We have had a very busy season, we have met some great new clients and enjoyed our long time guests, who have turned out to be like family.

This summer we were faced with some low water conditions, which made for a bitter sweet problem: it was easier to catch fish. We are expected to have a “make up winter” this year, and building up our Snow Pack Levels for next year!  Bring it on!

We have a few new additions to the Equipment this year, making our hunt for the Salmon & Steelhead more enjoyable 😀

Please feel free to contact us for the Remote Spring Steelhead Camp, as we have only one week available. 1-866-578-8552 or info@westcoastfishing.ca or fill out a reservation form at www.westcoastfishing.ca

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Steelhead boot camp.

Steelhead boot camp. This is just a small snap shot -Just one of our many rivers we are licensed to guide on with Westcoast Fishing Adventures you can be assured you are being taken care of by seasoned guides who have grown up in the area. We do not charge daily rod day fees when booking your Steelhead package rod day fees are included you will have to purchase a Non tidal angling license as well as a conservation steelhead stamp. Sleeping bags are provided spey rods can be supplied to save you the hassle of packing it through the airport.

Booking your trip with Westcoast Fishing Adventures.

Give us a call or drop us a line at info@westcoastfishing.ca

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Steelhead fishing the Skeena river swinging the fly !

Steelhead fishing the Skeena river swinging the fly !

Fly fishing on the Skeena river can be very rewarding however the region is vast there are so many rivers with many different species running at different times – Summer run steelhead – Winter run steelhead – Spring run steelhead & of course all the salmon Sockeye Salmon – Pink Salmon – Coho Salmon – Chinook Salmon – Chum Salmon,  so the question that is asked what is the best time to be fly fishing the Skeena river or tributaries of the Nass or Kitimat rivers.

Kuo with a trophy Coho Salmon caught on a pink foam fly on the surface.

If this is your first time to the Skeena region we highly recommend a good licensed guide www.westcoastfishing.ca with so many rivers to choose from and timing of runs its key to be in the right place at the right time, a lot of money can be spent on travel to Terrace and your dream fishing trip could be a bust if your not in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

With this said we will be attending the Sacramento ISE show offering fully guided fishing trips to Skeena country for the 2014.

Sue with her first steelhead on the Fly

Offering our Exclusive Remote Spring Steelhead camp./ Summer Salmon & Steelhead trips from or main lodge / Ocean trips aboard the 25 foot Skagit Orca out of Prince Rupert chasing Chinook salmon,Halibut, crabs, spot prawns / Then back to the remote rivers for fall Coho and Steelhead action. On our secret rivers !

Stu with a prize steelhead guided by Gill McKean



Gill McKean with a monster winter run steelhead on the fly.


We hope to see you at the Sac show or on our door step hooking up to your trophy fish.

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Gill McKean

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Skeena river steelhead are now in the river. Remote Steelhead Camp

The Skeena river Steelhead are now running. This is what we live for at Westcoast Fishing Adventures. It’s been a while since my last report so here we go. We kicked off our season with our famous Remote Spring Steelhead Camp, again another huge success! Guests from around the world enjoyed a wild river & bright chrome straight from the sea Steelhead by day, and the comforts of a professional camp by night.

Gill McKean sneeks one out from behind the guests.
Guest of Westcoast Fishing Adventures holding his first of many steelhead for the day.
Westcoast Fishing Adventures Steelhead camp.
Steelhead camp getting ready for the day ..

As the season progressed, the fishing just got better. Our guests experienced some of the finest Steelhead fishing the world can offer. We are now moving on to the summer run Steelhead on the Skeean & Nass Systems. We will again be setting up our Wall tent camp giving all our guests a trip of a life time, by allowing them to be first on the water, thus giving them more opportunities to hook the fish of their dreams. While most visitors to the Skeena region will be competing for water on the Copper river and Kalum river, racing from trial head to mile maker 32, we will seek refuge in our remote tent camp with a hot cup of coffee and warm fire. Then when the time is right, head to the waters edge to start our day.

The Viking with a Chrome steelhead on the fly.

So with our sun glasses on and Bright Fish ahead, we move on to our summer season with More great guests and good times .

Pirece & Stacy with a Chromer on a wet day were still catching Rayzz... 😉

Photo below is our latest catch from just days ago..

John Moore with a monster Skeean river summer run caught August 6,2013

We still have a few openings for our Remote Fall Steelhead Camp please feel free to contact us at any time to reserve your trip.

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Gill McKean

Westcoast Fishing Adventures



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Fly fishing for steelhead in Skeena country fishing report for Nov 12 /2012

Fly Fishing for Steelhead in Skeena country fishing report for Nov 12/2012.

Our guide season is over however it gives myself & Mandi time to get out and wet a line we have been enjoying some quality time with Big Fish! . Mandi has just picked up the Spey rod in the last 2 years she is now getting the “SWING” of things catching some incredible fish she is hooked for life i can see it in her eyes. The only disappointment her look is more intense than the first time she met me… 🙁 LOL I have enjoyed ever minute of teaching her watching her passion for this sport grow !

Mandi & Gill catching chrome in Skeena country!


We have also had some great people here over the season one group that comes to mind is our polish fishing team they were here for 12 days becoming part of the family as well as catching a ton of beautiful Salmon & Steelhead on the fly !!

For those of you wanting an adventure to remember we highly recommend one of our Steelhead camps be it spring or fall. We only take 4 anglers per week on these incredible outdoor Fly fishing adventure trips.

Our spring camp is already 50% booked ! so don’t delay

Fall camp is 10%

Also to receive our virus free fishing report http://archive.aweber.com/westcoastreport

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Fly Fishing for Chinook Salmon

The Chum Salmon fishery has been recluse these past few years.

With Raleigh Werking via Westcoast Fishing Adventures, holding countless line and class records for these Majestic creatures.

This year they have returned in great numbers and in history size.

If you haven’t caught these beasts on a fly line, then it is a fishery that is a must try! The weather is at its finest, as well as all five salmon species are gathering and commuting all in the same place at the same time!

Recently we had a guest from Japan who, with little English told us that the Chum are not fished for. “No Good” as he stated, but when He caught a few of the mighty and powerful  ‘scrappers’ his tune changed to “ Chum Good Fight” He also fished with many different reels, lines and rods created for all different types of fish and fishery.  Here are a couple pictures of his trip:

Mr Yamada used a variety of rods and reels, but this particular rod is of complete surprise and is very interesting to me, it is 30 foot pole with a line tied to the end of it (with NO reel),  at first I was dumbfounded by its presence, but to watch him fight fish with it, was exhilarating and  invigorating.  I am very eager to see what gear he brings with him for his trip this spring.  I brought him into our Remote Steelhead Wilderness Camp this past April, and Mr Yamada was in Bliss with the fresh, bright chromer Steelhead that is surrounded by amazingly beautiful scenery and the Steelies are plentiful. 

I’m looking forward to another Spring Season, meeting new clients/friends and hosting our returning guests.

I just wanted to thank all our long time guests for helping our business be successful! This will be our 16th year, and every year gets better and better!

Fishing is our Addiction! Guiding is our Passion! Adventure is in our Blood!

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From the team at Westcoast Fishing Adventures


Terrace BC fishing guides for Steelhead & Salmon

Chris & Craig with some Kitimat Chrome !

Fishing has been outstanding we had guests that have never fished steelhead catch multiple fish in a day in the 20 pound class we are nearly half booked up for our remote steelhead camp for next season only taking 4 per week into this location offering the highest level experience. Swinging flies is the prefered method however we do a little indictor fishing as well. Look forward to hearing form anyone with questions about our incredible fishery on the Skeena,Nass,Kitimat rivers.
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Gill McKean
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Steelhead guides on the Skeena river fly fishing the kitimat river,nass river with over 30 rivers to choose from this is Disney Land for anglers from around the world book your trip today !

Steelhead fly fishing guides on the Skeena river,Kitimat river, Nass rivers
Gill Mckean with a Chromer caught March 28 ..Terrace BC . And so it begins spring steelhead season March / April- we are looking forward to another great year of fishing our company is now an Orvis endorsed fly fishing guide service for the Skeena river, Nass river, Kitimat river with 16 years of experience we have the rod days and the knowlege to take you on a fly fishing trip of a life time with over 30 remote rivers to guide on the options are endless. King salmon enter the system in late May then the season just builds from there with Pink salmon,Chum salmon,Coho salmon,Sockeye salmon & the high flying Summer Steelhead mixed in. July & August can be what we call the grand slam month when guided anglers can expect to catch all 5 species in one day.

Westcoast fishing adventures / Terrace BC

Summer run Steelhead spring Steelhead camp inquire here!

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Gill McKean

Fly fishing Terrace British columbia skeena river fly fishing steelhead

Fly fishing Terrace BC, Skeena river, Nass river , Kitimat river is what we do as guides in the Terrace Kitimat area for Steelhead & Salmon the past 15 years we have explored and seen most but not all of the bounties these river systems have to offer. with that said you can be assured with our professional guides you will experience a fly fishing trip to remember. We guide for Spring Steelhead starting April 1 through to May 10 then onto the early run Chinook salmon swinging flies for these monsters is epic to say the least. We are now booking up for spring Steelhead call for open spots, our next best time frame for Steelhead is July, August on the Main stem Skeena river this is the time when the true summer Steelhead are making there trip through the Big Skeena river and beyond  300km to 600km north to all other destinations we like to catch them when we are at there mercy! Fresh shinny pissed off Steelhead with no where else to go but back to the Ocean when they feel the prick from your swung fly.

photos attached are just a few of the best of Spring Steelhead 2011 to see more please look for the latest Salmon Steelhead Journal or The Latest Chasing Silver Mag we are in them loud and proud if you are looking for Chrome Fish with professional guides look no further than Westcoast Fishing Advenutres  the team of guides start with Gill Mckean, Gordon McKean,

Kitimat river Chromer.

Darren wright also guides on the Bow river in Calgary & the world famous Babine river out of Smithers BC, & Todd Haynes with this crew you can’t go wrong. we look forward to helping you plan your next dream trip to British Columbia Terrace BC.

Pick from three lodging experiences from B&B to 4 star we can offer the lodging to suit your needs.

Contact 1-866-578-8552

Cell 1-250-615-3477

email  – info@westcoastfishing.ca

Kitimat river steelhead.

Fly fishing for spring steelhead in Terrace BC

Fly fishing Terrace BC Skeena river, The Season will end October 31st, 2011.
The Steelhead season is still strong! Along with the Dolley Varden and Cut-Throat!
Inquiries are coming in daily in regards to our Epic Spring Steelhead Season, if you are considering a trip to remember for a lifetime, please call today. The last week of April is booking up, Get a flight seat sale when you tell Hawk Air you are flying with Westcoast Fishing Adventures! Link attached to our web site www.westcoastfishing.ca.
Hope to hear from you soon!
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~Fishing is our addiction! Guiding is in our blood! Adventure is in our Blood!~